Maize Virtual Preparatory School K-12
DESIGN Your Future With Us!

Our help students find their love of learning! 
Maize By Design - a program developed to focus on the individual student's learning needs. 
The MVPS Staff partners with parents to design a program that uniquely fits each K-8 student. 

MVPS High School - Offers a rigorous, engaging, leadership program for grades 9-12.

Program choices are presented at MVPS Information Sessions.
Sessions are offered for K-8 and High School Students.
The MVPS Calendar lists the dates.
Join us to learn more and begin your journey to success with Maize By Design! 

MVPS Core Values Developed by the MVPS Staff in order to focus on skills students need to realize their full potential as leaders.

 • Knowledge is important, but not nearly as important as learning how to learn, how to communicate, and how to conduct yourself with integrity
 • These vital skills are practiced daily by all successful individuals, no matter the chosen field of study or profession:
o Inquiry
o Integrity
o Perseverance
o Communication
o Reflection

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